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Why strength matters

Strength is important: not just for professional athletes or powerlifters, but for everyone.

Strength is how we physically influence the world around us.

Without strength you cannot defend yourself against an attacker, you cannot pick up your child and you cannot get out of your chair.

Your ability to produce force against an external resistance is a critical component for a long, independent life. 

Yet there are few personal trainers who have specialized in real strength training.

Most personal trainers mainly make their clients tired and sweaty, without ever achieving measurable results. Some would have you do random work outs that feel good after you're done, but provide no meaningful stimulus. 

That's not training: it's busy work. 

With me you train to become stronger in a safe and efficient way and you are guaranteed to achieve measurable results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will train in my own private gym. The gym is located on the ground floor of my home in the Nico Andriessenstraat 47 in Haarlem.

My hourly rate lies between 65,- en 60,- depending on how many sessions you purchase at once

No: the big three form the basis of my method, but I can help you with just about every barbell exercise imaginable.


I have trained for one month and I have not only valued his help in getting stronger, but especially his help in trouble shooting big and small problems, and being able to lift pain free. I can definetely recommend him.

Tommi Mikkola

Ik ben nu 8 weken met Kasper aan het trainen. Ik werk een 12-weken schema af, waarbij ik 2 x per week train. Geen druk, wel prestatie gericht. En wat een vooruitgang al binnen 8 weken, zonder blessures. Heel blij mee. Ik wist niet dat krachttraining zo leuk kon zijn en zo'n voldaan gevoel geeft.

Annalies Blommestein

Kasper is a great trainer: beyond his deep knowledge, he’s the best at motivating and make you push your limits! I am personally achieving great results in my strength sessions and could not look back. 

Choose Kasper if you are ready to upgrade your trainings and become the strongest version of yourself :)

Chaira Ponzo

Kasper is een geweldige coach die niet alleen helder en correct uitlegt wat je moet doen en hoe, maar er tegelijk voor zorgt dat je plezier hebt in het trainen. Kasper werkt heel motiverend en waar ik mij vroeger vaak naar de gym moest slepen, sta ik nu elke keer te springen. En dat mag voor een groot deel aan Kaspers manier van coachen worden toegeschreven (zijn Spotify playlist tijdens het trainen is een extra bonus).

Frank De Becker


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Personal strength training

One-on-one strength coaching and guidance in a professionally equipped private gym. Ideal for anyone who wants to improve his or her technique, build strength and build muscle mass in a short time.

Buddy training

Whether you are partners, friends or just gym buddies: training together under supervision has several advantages.

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Learn the big lifts, become stronger and self sufficient in 12 weeks.