The Method

A permanent upgrade

The three phases

The goal of this method is to make you a significantly stronger, technically skilled and independent strength athlete within about 12 weeks.

When we get to work together, you go through three phases.

In phase 1 we are mainly concerned with the techniques of the big lifts: you learn the squat, the bench press and the deadlift. We look for the versions of the lifts that suit you best. If your technique is sufficient (perfection comes later) we start with the next phase.

Phase 2 is that of getting strong. We start your Linear Progression That's an impressive sounding term that simply means that each session we train a little heavier than the last. This is the most efficient way to become stronger and more skilled in a short time.

Phase 3 starts as soon as your lineair progressions is under way: you learn the basic principles behind strength training during the sessions. 

Why do we do what we do? How do you continue your training when the linear progression ends? If you can answer these questions and understand the base theory you are one step closer to your independence as a strength athlete.

It is impossible to determine in advance when one phase ends and the next begins: it happens organically.

Depending on your starting level, experience and commitment, the entire process takes approximately 12 weeks, but this is not fixed. After all, everyone is slightly different.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will train in my own private gym. The gym is located on the ground floor of my home in the Nico Andriessenstraat 47 in Haarlem.

I charge 1299,- for 12 weeks of coaching

No. Even though I am familiar with and like aspects of the method, I've decided I won't pursue a SSC certification in the foreseeable future.