Strength training programs

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These programs are and will always be free. If you need help running them, feel free to contact me.

BCK beginner program (English)
- Beginner program focussed on big lifts
- Built up in 4 phases
- includes guide
- How to's about warming up, finding your work weight and how to keep a log

BCK intermidiate program (English)
- For the intermediate (power)lifter
- 9 weeks, three blocks
- With manual and log already set up

Level up Strength 4 (Nederlands)
- General full body strength program
- For beginners and intermediates
- Intuitive instructions for your work sets
- Lots of exercise variety 
- Includes printable training log

Level up Strength 3 (Nederlands)
- Lower, upper en full body program (3 in 1)
- Main lift work sets based on your 1rm
- Varations and accessories based on RIR.
- Includes log (spreadsheet)

Learn the big lifts, become stronger and self sufficient in 12 weeks.