Phase 2: become strong

The lineair progression

Adding weight each session

SRA cyclus
Prikkel, herstel, adaptatie

There are countless ways to plan your strength training. "Linear progression" is the simplest, and is central to phase 2 of your training. In practice, it simply means that, each workout, we train a little harder than the previous session for as long as your development allows it.

We choose this approach because it gradually acclimatizes you to heavier loads, gives you time to practice your technique and because it makes you stronger very quickly, especially in the first few weeks or months.

This way of training is simple and effective, but also challenging and motivating: going through this development gives most people a powerful feeling. And rightfully so.

Unfortunately, this process cannot go on forever. After a few months it is no longer possible to lift heavier each session than before. This means the end of the linear progression. Fortunately, we have already been working on the next phase before that moment so you will know what to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will train in my own private gym. The gym is located on the ground floor of my home in the Nico Andriessenstraat 47 in Haarlem.

I charge 1299,- for 12 weeks of coaching

No. Even though I am familiar with and like aspects of the method, I've decided I won't pursue a SSC certification in the foreseeable future.